Friday, February 8, 2013

Smack, Crack, Pop - The Joys of Spanking (part one of the series)

Hello readers,

First off I apologize for leaving you a long break since my last post. As a student, it was winter break, which I spent with my family. It was a nice break from the usual class and work life I have here. Anyways I am sure y'all do not care about that so let's get down to the dirty.

This will be a multi-part series, updated every so often.

It was a night like any other. I was on top of Mrs. Smith fucking her sweet cunt at a somewhat slow rate. "You call that fucking?" She screamed. As soon as she screamed that her hand landed a firm smack on my ass. It was a mad rush, and like a horse that had just been cropped, I sped up. As soon as the speed picked up Mrs. Smith was unable to really say much of anything between the moans and the multiple convulsing orgasms I gave her. She managed to let out another spanking and I continued to pound her hard. After about thirty minutes of hard fast fucking, and about two more good firm spankings, I came hard; as I came she let out a flurry of swats on my ass. The pain just added to the orgasm, and neither of us had much capability of moving after that.

It was from this point on that I was immensely turned on by the pain a good spanking could bring. As my pain tolerance increased, so did the variety of ways in which I was punished in that sweet way.

Part one - The first paddle

The first spanking implement that Mrs. Smith and I ever got was amazing. A lovely black leather paddle with wicked little studs in it. The nice part about this particular paddle is the heart shaped cut out it has. Each good firm spanking to my ass was sent with love, and that love showed in the little heart shaped bruise I had on my ass. The first time she used it on me was a little intimidating. After all, the jump from a barehanded spanking to the paddle was not exactly a small step, but I got used to it quickly. I learned to have both a desire, and fear for that paddle...

The night that Mrs. Smith really decided to give me a paddling was memorable to say the least. It started off like most of our raunchy fucks. She started by sucking me off, then throwing me on my back and straddling my face. This continued for a nice 20 minutes before we really started going at it. It was absolutely wild. I threw her on her back and pinned her hands above her head and pounded her to at least 3 body shaking orgasms. She then took the upper hand, pinning me down and riding me hard, to me switching to doggy and absolutely pounding her, but then I made a terrible mistake. As I was doing her from behind, her head buried in my pillow (which did very little to muffle the screams) I got carried away, and came without her permission. She quickly turned around, grabbed me by the hair, and threw me in the position that I just had her in. I was not aware of the paddle in her hand.

"What did you do wrong?" She spoke in a sweet, yet cruel voice.
"I don't know." I replied, sheepishly. (I was quivering with absolute anticipation)
SMACK.... Holy fucking shit that hurt. My head was in an absolute blissful mixture of post orgasm pleasure and stinging pain.
"You sure you don't know?" She asked her voice was slipping from sweet to cruel in a matter of seconds.
"I came without your permission,” I groaned.
SMACK SMACK SMACK. My knees gave out from under me, which was a fucking rush. My ass stung and was 50 shades of red. The sting the paddle gave me turned me on so damn much.
She took the paddle and dragged it across my back, speaking in that sweet smooth voice with a hint of cruelty.
"You are my fucking property, you do as you're told, and only finish when I tell you. Any straying from this path, any slight sign of disobedience... and punishment will be swift, and painful. Is that understood?"
"Yes." I said weakly
THWACK! A stinging pain completely took over.
"Yes what?" She asked sternly
"Yes Mistress" I replied
She leaned close to me, lips to my ear. "Good boy"
Those words sent me over the edge; I wanted her so fucking bad at this point.

Needless to say after that event I was ready to go again, but this time I made sure to BEG for permission.

Since then I was hooked on the insane rush a good spanking could bring, and every now and then I find myself disobeying her just to get a sweet taste of that punishment.

So there you have it my readers, I will try to post part 2 of my spanking adventures sometime soon.

Also I wanted to add a disclaimer here for any relationship. Trust and Consent are extremely important. While I write that Mrs. Smith owns me (and in the bedroom, she kind of does) she only does it with my consent. With BDSM lines of consent can be blurred, me saying "no" can really mean hit me harder in a "scene" like the one above. If you ever want to get into the amazing world of BDSM sex establish safe-words. This can make sure your partner knows when to actually stop. (Mrs. Smith and I use traffic colors Yellow=lighten up, and Red=Stop). Using this can guarantee safe, sane, consensual and amazing kink play into your life.

Until next time,

Mr. Smith

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